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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Download Tekken 5 Free Full Version 100 Prcent Working

Tekken 5
Tekken 5
Tekken 5 is one of the excellent game all over the world.After success of tekken 3 and tekken tag tournament this game make impact on gaming industry.This is faster than its all old versions and too much good graphics than its old versions.The game was the best challenging game ever when it was released.There are too much great looks of characters and story is also new.As we know the best thing in tekken games is that in every part they are different from its old version.So that is the excellent thing which is developed by namco.The namco company make too much money from this version.So the sounds of games are also better than its all old versions.

I like sound of devil jin electric the sound is very pretty and my favorite sound in the game.Peoples were thinking heihachi meshima will not took part in tournament 5 but its very strange he is alive.In the game he come back from the earth bottom side and entrance was very stylish.He is the most powerful player of the game.Many of my friends download tekken 5 full version because of this character because it is there favorite character.The game have 4 powerful players which have extra ordinary attacks in my eyes.The number 1 is Steve fox i think he is too much dangerous in the game.All of his attacks are very powerful and dangerous.Mostly of attacks are punches and too much fast punches.If he trap one combo that take full power.The other advantage for him is that the punches are faster than devil jin electric.

So steve fox have too much advantage in the game.After him the most powerful character in tekken 5 is Heiehachi Meshima.He have very dangerous side steps and his some attacks are also very dangerousn like Steve fox.The 3rd one dangerous player is feng and his attacks are also too much fast.he have much counter attacks as we know it is very difficult to block counter attacks.The fourth one is kazuya and if you him already but in this part he is much dangerous than old parts.I want to play this game from long time but there was no situation to get that.But one day i buy a cd and then i play the game.For secure my cd i also upload this game.Many of friends download tekken 5 from my upload.

Everyone was writing a keyword on internet tekken 5 free download for pc and some them are writing to get game that is tekken 5 free download.Somehow they visit many web sites but the truth is they cannot get working link.Because many of the site owners are stupid and they just try to drive traffic on there site just.But i hate this shitty thing i always upload working games on my site.So friends you can download always full version working games on this site.If any link of game is crept or deleted please lets us know to correct that.The other best thing about this game is it is unique than all other vs games.You can say that this is perfect game which 2 peoples can play and cannot say game have fault.

Tekken 5 players reviews: 

In this game all characters have different abilities.All have different style and different look from previous games like tekken and all tekken previous parts.


Devil jin is the most powerful player of game i am going to tell you he is not any other one.he is jin kazama who transfer into devil when he touch some crystal like ball.Now he is too much strong than before.No he can fly and also can use laser from his eyes.He become a phenom in this game and he is my favorite player of this game.He say him self God in this game and his words are fear the wrath of god.


Gun jack is an robot who was too much slow in previous version but now in part 5 he is too much fast and powerful.he have new style of fast combos and he can now fight with other characters.he is upgraded in this version.


Bruce is one of the great boxer in tekken history after Steve he is great puncher but Steve only can use punhes but Bruce is a kick boxer.he is very dangerous also in this part 5 game he is much faster than old version.He have new moves with new strategies and he can beat any other character in little time.If you have tricks how to play with him in proper way.


She is a cute girl and she was not in old version but in 5 part she took part.Her attacks are also so dangerous you can say that she have dodging attacks.She can dominate any one and she grapple legs in lock positions.

Bryan Fury:

He is the most excellent character of the game.The best thing about him is if he trap you near walls he can take your full hp.But you need to attack in perfect way.

Baek Doo San:

He is the master of hwoarang and he was also in previous parts.he is master of kicks and many of kicks are similar to hwoarang.


He is the biggest enemy of king and he is new player of tekken game.the good thing is that he have all new type of moves and many of his moves are grapple moves.

Thee are the tekken 5 rosters and you can say that tekken 5 characters list.

Requirements Of Tekken 5:

Vga Card      =       512 mb
  Ram            =        1 gb
  Processor    =         core 2 duo
Hard disk      =         5 gb

How To Download Install Tekken 5:

You just need to download emulator from link below and game from game download link so friends i am going to give you perfect link so you can download tekken 5 free with that link.

Download Game Click Here


  1. Tekken 5 seems an interesting game after reading this blog. Will surely download and play it.

  2. thanx man tekken 5 is one of the exellent game all over the world.

  3. amazing and so much awesome game tekken 5 is love you website its running like charm on my computer system

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