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Friday, 17 August 2012

Download Tekken Tag Full Version Free Working Link

Tekken tag
Tekken tag
Tekken Tag is one of the best game of tekken series.As we know all version of this game were too much famous as compare to other fighting games.After tekken 3 this game was released and make impact on gaming world.So as we know past version of this game was too much popular and there rating was also very high.After its 3rd part tag was released.In all previous version from this game.We can battle 1 vs 1 but in this game we can select 2 characters.So just think friends where you were playing with one character and was enjoying too much.But now you can play with 2 players at a time.

On internet the keyword download tekken tag have also big search that means the game is popular all over the world.The best thing is that in every version of game every player attacks and costumes upgraded.So that gives good thing to this game.I am also professional player of this version.In its 3rd part many of the characters were disappeared but now in this version all of them are back with new features.The game have too much graphics and its attractive look when 2 players are fighting tagging one an other.

MY Story Of Tekken Tag:

When this game was released my friend download tekken tag from internet after 3 or 4 months from its released date.He was very lucky because he have very good pc and internet at that time.He always play latest games and tell us about that games.So after sometime the game was come on game play land then i go there started play that game.I play daily too much all the money i spent on that.I forget to eat something with my money and use my all money on this game.So i become the best player of that game after few days.I won the tournament by beating all players of my city and become the king of this game.Then i leave this game and now i buy a pc.Then i download tekken tag from one site and now a days i am playing this game with my brothers and cousins.
I know in all over the world there are too much players who are professional i want to play with all of them.
Friends if you have small pc and cannot play this game so i can give you a link from which you can play this game on simple Pentium 4 with 3ghz processor and 64 mb vga card.yes friends now you don,t need  heavy systems because i have this game on mame 32 for you.

Game Players Back From Tekken 2 To Tag:


He is back from tekken 2 if you play tekken 3 then you must know he was not in that game.He leave tournament 3 but now he comes back again and join fighting in this version.he is a very good kicking master.In the game very player have attacks as we know jin attacks are with opunches but lee use kicks and his kicks are very powerful and stylish.


Devil is very dangerous player who was also not in 3 but now he comes back with more speed and practice.he is very dangerous now a days.If you don,t know i am going to tell you devil is transfrom of kazauya and in the game if you change any other player with kazuya he run and change.But when you select devil and kazuya then if you change it will transform devil into kazuya and kazuya into devil.So the player devil is very dangerous and powerful.he can use lasers which take too much powers of other players and these lasers are unblock.You can only survive from this laser if you get a side step.


The dangerous kick boxer like my cousin haider is back.Yes friends he leave in 3rd tournament but now he is also back in tekken tag tournament.He is the most dangerous kick boxer of this game.Believe me friends he is so powerful once i pickup any opponent he take 50 percent on every attack.He is so dominating player and so hard to beat him.


He is most popular player in the game and he is back in this version.He is dangerous player in this game and my favourite player in this game.He has so many power full attacks and his attaching speed is very fast.He is dangerous look of this game and if you see his eyes they are also very dangerous.


The teacher of Hwoarang is also back in this game.He is marshal art the great fighter and in this game he is partner of hwoarang.He also make good impact on this game.


She is sister of julia and partner of her also in this game.They have same attacks almost and same fighting style.She is very pretty and beautiful character.


She is also back from tekken 2 and she is wife of jin kazama.She is too much pretty and gorgeous girl.

Requirements Of Tekken Tag:

Minimun Requirements:

Ram 512
VGA Card 64
Processor 2.0
Hard Disk Space 100 MB

Maximun Requirements:

Ram 1 GB
VGA Card 128
Processor Intel Core2Duo
Hard Disk Space 100 MB


Just go to the given link and than click on the free download the game will start downloading.After that just extract the game with winrar.


Ask any question in comments thanks in advance if you like game please share it on google+.



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