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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Download Free Tekken 3 Game Full Version

Tekken 3 is one of the best game now a days.The strange thing is that the game was developed in 1998 but still in 2012.There are too much peoples who love to play this game and want to download tekken 3.Because friends if you ever play this game then you must know about this game.If you don,t know about this game then i am going to tell you about this game.Friends this is one of the best challenging game.I play many challenging games but parts of tekken games are best ever.Because the game fighting style,characters costumes and players style in this game series are superb.So if you like to beat someone in vs games so then you need to play this game.From this game you will get experience to play other fighting games.The game unique thing is that every character has its own unique fighting and looking style.Thats why i am saying that the game is best.
Tekken 3
Download Tekken 3

Tekken 3 Review From Zeeshan Shah:

Friends this is the game from where i was going from top position to last in my class.Yes friends when i saw this game then i have fallen in love with games.From that day i always play games and never ever like studies.In previous days when i was not playing games i was the most brilliant student of my class.But one day my friend take me on game shop and that was the first day when i watch this game.I was not play at that time but in my mind there was one thing and that was that the game is best.So next day i decided to play that game i save my pocket money and arrived at game shop.
Then i buy coins and started to play the game.The fact is that in few days i become the king of this game.My main character was law and at that time any player of my country can,t beat me.I was at the top of peak.After some days there was tournament in our district i was from small city.I went to my district where tournament was so there were also many good skill professional players there.So the war started between all of them.I was too much young than all other participants but i beat many of them and arrived at final.But the other 2 final participants beat me and i was at 3rd position in the tournament.
By the chance in that game tournament i beat the best player of district.Peoples were not believing because he was best.So after 2 years there was other tournament.At that time i was not a small boy.Ya friends i beat many of the players and won the tournament.

Gameplay Of Tekken 3:

The fact is that all parts of tekken game are similar because of there gameplay.But in every game the fighting style and playing style become upgraded.Every character become stronger and faster in every next version.So the players of tekken 2 were slow but in tekken 3 they are faster than old versions.The game was playing no 1 spot in most of the countries and was supposed no 1 game of the world at that time.

Story Of Tekken 3:

In old version tekken 2 the story was different but in this the story is most powerful.In this version jin kazama and heichachi meshima are enemies.In previous version there was kazuya but in Tekken 3 tournament he is not participated.The game main player is jin and he was hit by heihachi cops shoot him with bullets so hwoarang save him from them.Paul and law are 2 friends in this game.All characters have different stories.

Requirements Of Tekken 3:

Vga Card:32 mb
Ram 64 mb
Hard Disk Space:30 mb
Processor:Pentium 3

How To Download Tekken 3:

Just follow the steps in video you can download the game.Remember don,t download winrar you don,t need to extract the game.Just download and install the game.

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