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Friday, 28 September 2012

How To Use Schedule Post To Improve Site Traffic?

How to use schedule post in blogger and what are there effects so today i am going to tell you all about that.So friends first of all i am going to tell you that if you post always on same time then your traffic will increase soon because this trick is seo friendly.Because search engines like the attitude of that peoples who always post on time and engines also give them benefit by giving them greater engine rankings.

How To Post Article Automatic On Same Time In Blog:

If you are using blogger/blogspot then i am going to tell you that then you can always post on time which you want.First of all create post after that when you are going to publish a post then click on schedule which is under the labels in the blogger post look in the picture just.
 So now click on set date and time so now select the date which you want to publish the post and time which you want.So after that click on the done so now you need to one step remaining then your post will publish automatically what that is just click on publish as you were publishing your post before.

So i think now you get how to post in blogger on time which you want.So if you have any problem i will tell you anything about this post in comments just ask in comments.


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