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Monday, 24 September 2012

How To Write Seo Friendly article To Get Much Traffic For Your Site?

Article Writing Technique
Article Writing
How to write seo friendly article for your site to get much traffic on your site or blog and any type of site.As we know that every type of webmaster have its own skills of seo and writing skills.If you are site owner,webmaster,blogger and any type of writer so i am going to tell you that on internet if you want traffic then content is king.Every site owner agree with this quote i my self agree with this thing that if you are a good writer then you will rock on internet field.
As we know that like content is boss means what you write like that Google search engine is king of all search engines so it have also very strict rules.There rules are very strict because they want if any visitor search any thing from there engine so that visitor will get what he want.
That means they want we sent you on that site which will give you maximum advantage for your problem.Because as we know that on internet world there bare thousands and lac,s of internet spammers who just use different tricks to get traffic to there site but on there sites there is not that thing which peoples want.So after fighting that spammy webmasters now Google will sent you always on write site because of their new release Google penguin  so just you need to read that to new polices of Google.So now i am going to tell you after that all Google releases how to write best post for seo to get much traffic to your site.

* Always Write Unique Post:

The best ever thing in this post is that how to write best article for your site is that always write unique articles.Because friends i am going to tell you that search engines always prefer unique articles because if you write some article same to other you will get slap from Google now a days you will not get traffic for that.In old days that technique was good but now Google only want to give value to original writer of the article.Because search engine Google is very genius it know,s that who write article first and who copy that article.So I Suggest you always write your self don,t try to copy anyone.

* Don,t Use Article Spinners For Your Post:

After Google was get some advanced so webmasters do an other thing they copy article and paste it into article spinner sites and was getting traffic from that article because article goes unique.But friends at that time there was no release of penguin which is very genius thing from search engine.With article spinner your article goes unique but friends your readers not under stand that article which is spin by article spinners.So penguin kill these spinners you know how?so i am going to tell you that it make algorithm which is that it will record time of incoming visitor and its exit time from that site.So as we know if we use article spinner then our site reader will not understand that and he will leave our site so next time we will not get traffic for that.

* Always Write Article Or Post In Easy Language:

This is one of the other best thing in article writing that always write articles in easy language that every reader will under stand it easily and read full article on your site.Because if you use difficult language means using that words which your user cannot under stand so always use easy one how much peoples spend time on your site you will get much traffic from Google next time.

* Always Take Care Of Right Spellings In Post And Article:   

Google search engine prefer that sites also who use perfect spellings and small or big alphabets in post.Use big alphabet on every first word of the line after full stop

* Always Use Paragraphs In Post:

Must use paragraphs in every post of the article because your visitor will understand it easily and second thing is that  paragraphs are also seo friendly.

* Use Bold For Your Specific Words In Every Post:

Friends if your tittle is wwe undertkaer so i am going to tell you that in every post use this keyword wwe undertaker 3 times bold.My dear friends if you don,t know about how to use bold word in ever post so just watch the picture below you will get how to bold any word. 

  Just select the word with mouse and click on B it will tell search engines that this wor is important in your post.

* Use Different Headings For Your Post:

Headings are the best way to promote your article because with them your reader will under stand your article easily and will spend maximum time on your site.

* Use Labels In Your Post:

Always use labels in your post to get much traffic because labels in the post is also seo friendly.If your tittle is on page seo then write that in labels and give comma on every label and use maximum 3 labels for ever post.

* Use Permalink In Post:

If you are using wordpress so under the tittle there is permalink and if you are using blogger or blogspot then first switch new blogger interference then under the schedule you will find that.So just click on that after that click on custom permalink so if you use automatic permalink it will follow your post tittle and is not seo friendly.So if my post is how to write seo friendly post to get much traffic on your site so its automatic permalink will like this click on the image to view that.
So the good permalink will be link this on custom is like this just click on the image to view that.
The use of correct permalink will boost your ranking in serp also and give you maximum traffic for your site.

* Always Post Article On Same Time:

So one other good thing is that always post your article on same timing because then Google will make friendship with your site and prefer your site too much.If you write post on any other time just click on schedule to publish that post on time which you want.

* Use Desription For The Post:

You can also use description for the post to tell your visitors about your post small introduction that will also give you much visitors.

* Use Picture In Every Post:

In any post you must need to put picture in the post and place that on left side of the post like my post above.Use caption also in the picture it is also very good thing and the other good thing is that use alt text in the picture also by clicking on the picture.You will need to click on the properties so after that fill both things so it will make much traffic for you in google images.

* Use Inbound Links:

Always use inbound links for your post means that in every post tell about related post by just clicking on that keyword and after that click on link.So now put the link of other post so now this link is your in bound link.the advantage of this links is that when your reader click on any other post of your site.So it will tell search engine that your site is very informative that,s why there visitors are enjoying there posts.So you will get much traffic to your site if you follow these steps.

* Write Article At least 300 Words:

You will need to write article about minimum 300 words because it will be seo friendly if you write very big article it will give you much advantage.

* Don,t Use Much Keywords In The Post Again And Again:

This is one of the great thing which i am going to tell you now that don,t use any keyword too much in the post because it indicates black hat seo technique which decrease your site traffic.Especially don,t use tittle of the post keyword too much because engines hate that just use that about 3 percent in the post.If you use much your site get penalty foe that.

So friends if you like post plus 1 it on google plus and if i miss anything from this post tell me in comments thanks. 


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