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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

List Of Dofolllow Article Submission Sites High Pr

Article Directories
This list of article submission sites are very good for your site seo because it will boost your site rank in search engine serp.As many of the successful site owners are doing this and getting success in there businesses so i suggest you always follow that person which is successful so i my self doing this trick.Friends in old days seo was too much easy but its is not easy now a days if you do any thing wrong you will get penalties for that from the king of search engines Google.Now a days Google is very strict in old days it was with little polices and terms for web masters but now it will kill your site or blog if you goes wrong about there polices.Article marketing is coming from very old days and it is the safe method to promote your site.
I am also a web master so i have many friends who owned there own sites.So mostly of them prefer article directories.Friends i am going to tell you why they prefer this instead of other tools like commenting blogs,bookmarking sites etc so the reason is that in article directory sites we can submit all of our article instant and in the article we can put our backlink also.If you know blog commenting then you must we only put link in comments but if you don,t know about then click on link to read about that.So bookmaking sites also not much powerful than them because they have link in main but little description which is not powerful.
List of article directories dofollow make huge impact on your site so i am going to tell you that these are hell for your competitors so always use them instead of other tools.I am going to tell you best trick to submit article is that don,t copy and paste your article from your site first spin that article on any article spinner like register on that and after than spin your article it will give big impact on your serp ranking because it will tell engines that article on other site is unique so that value is much better.I am going to tell you article sites are best why because they have categories so you can submit article according to your category.So that why i am going to give you best list of article sites it will give you maximum traffic to your blog or traffic.The reason is that these articles target your keywords and tell engines that your site is linking to other site so it have plus 1 for your site.

How To Write Best Article For Your Site:

You can write best article with some of my tips may be i am wrong but it is boosting my rank in search engine so i am going to tell you also.The best thing is that always write unique article this is the best thing ever in article marketing.Because if you write unique it give effect to your site positively.The second thing is that write article about at least 400 words and maximum as you can because how much big article is it will excellent for your site or blog.Many of the webmasters are doing bad thing that is they are using article spinner which not giving under standing to your visitors so because of that thing they are not getting success.So i recommend you that always write your self then you will get traffic much.

Compare Article Marketing With Other Promoting Sites: 

Article marketing compare to other sites like blog posting and bookmarking or other tools so only blog posting is better than this because it have not much spam but other tools can,t beat article sites.So this is one of the best way to promote your site.So now i am going to give you list of that article dofollow sites which have no spam.I suggest you always try to submit on dofollow it will increase your google pagerank.
I also make seo in urdu and hindi so you can  watch video to learn this topic in hindi or urdu.

This video is for hindi and urdu viewers only.


List Of Dofollow Article Sites:


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