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Friday, 21 September 2012

What Is Google Panda? Easy Information About It

Google Panda
So many of friends want to know that what is Google panda so today i decided to write on article about it for all of my friends who does,t know about that.Google make this algorithm to give there viewers quality content and to kill spam from net.As we know on internet world many of the peoples using copy and paste content from other sites getting traffic from that.But king of search engine hate that thing they want credit goes to only writer of the story or article so they decide to make this tool.I have listen from one of my friend that old release of this tool was not successful but this time after Google update 3.9 now not any webmaster can beat this tool by tricking for gaining traffic.Actually what its definition stands for i am going to tell you.

Definition Of Google Panda:

Google panda is a algorithm made by google search engine to kill spammy sites from internet and copy material sites.
Because as we know that king of search engines hate this type of tricks and over optimized sites to get traffic.

How To Prevent From Its Attack?

There are some thing here you need to prevent from that.

Don,t Use Copy Article From Other Sites:

 First of all the simple thing i am going to tell you that don,t copy and paste any article from any site.Because this is the bad thing which search engine hate.They only prefer to give respect to that who write himself.

Always Write Unique And Clear Article: 

Now a days google is checking your bounce rate of the site so if your site have huge visitors but they exit on instant so it will also get affect by panda.So always try to write unique and clear articles which your reader can under stand easily.He will not leave your site if he understand your topic.

Peoples Leave Your Site Timing:

It means that now a days if some peoples coming on your site by engine so if they leave that very soon google calculate all the time so you can get hit by it if it is wrong about them.

Slow Down Off Page Seo Now  Days: 

The best attack is here so friends don,t over optimize your site much and slow own your off page seo because now a days it is counted in spam.

Learn seo in urdu also learn google panda in urdu also.

This video is only for hindi and urdu users


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