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Friday, 21 September 2012

What Is Google Penguin?Learn In Easy Steps

Google Penguin
Google Penguin
Google penguin is one of the most dangerous release from Google which is very dangerous for webmasters and blogger owners.As we know every one on internet make a website or blogger just to make money online so every one have dreams to do something with that money which they earn from net.But after Google penguin update it is very difficult to get traffic for your web site because as we know that traffic is equal to money.So many of webmasters work hard and using old methods which they were using in old days like blog commenting too much that was the time they were getting much traffic.But i am very wondered on that webmasters who are seo experts but don,t know about this Google algorithm which is recently released.Friends if you are in this field so you must know about latest Google updates and releases.Because now a days seo is totally changed from old days so i am going to tell you what old days seo peoples were using.

 Seo In Old Days: 

In old days webmasters were too much smart because if own there site they have not any thing for example any game or any good information of any article but they were using just tittle and derive traffic to their sites.So how they were getting much traffic and come in higher position in search engine while there sites have not that thing which peoples need.They were making too much backlinks by blog comments,article submission sites and by bookmarking sites.They were targeting there keywords and get higher rank in serp but now a days Google is much smarter than those spammy webmasters.So they decide to make a algorithm which is very dangerous for that site owners who use tricks to get traffic and this algorithm they named on an animal penguin which looks very pretty but can easily kill spammers.Many of the peoples working too much hard till now and spend the whole day and nights to using that old tricks.So they are thinking they will get traffic by that tricks which they were using in old days but these poor dudes don,t know about this update and its reason or effects. 

What Is Google Penguin Defination:

Google penguin is an algorithm made by Google experts and is named on animal.The main reason for making this tool is that to kill spammy websites from internet which are over optimized and getting much traffic by it.What Google need to do this thing so friends Google is the best search engine in the world it needs that every person get satisfaction for that which they are searching.So now a days if your site have that information which peoples want so you will get traffic Now sites that are spammy they cannot get traffic as they wre getting in old days by using tricks.

How To Find That Our Site Is Hit By Penguin Attack:

It is too much easy to find this what you need to is just that check your site traffic if it is like that which were in old days so your site is not hit by penguin  attack.The other way to check is that just check your that keyword which you it was on any page if it is not there so you get hit by this tool.If it is there so that measn Google penguin is friends with you.

What Are The Mistakes Which Welcome This Penguin Attack:

There are some Mistakes which welcome this attacks that are so you need to be careful to use them.

Comments Spamming Much Dangerous To Welcome Penguin:

Webmasters are too smart they are making much backlinks on their target keyword in comments so that links counted in spam.I also was hit by this over making of backlinks in comments so i lose my that site traffic..Please always make too much low quantity of links in comments now a days other that will counted in spam and will destroy your site.

Don,t Put Same Keywords In Every line:

If you are writing a article so i am going to tell you don,t put any word too much in every line to target much traffic.Because this is black hat seo technique which was getting much traffic in old days so now if your tittle is seo in urdu you just need to put this word about 3 percent in article other over flow of keywords can get hit by penguin attack.

Don,t Use Copy Paste Content From Other Sites: 

This is one of the most thing which site owners were using they just copy article from other people site and put on there site so it is the most dangerous thing to welcome penguin attack.

Watch Video To Learn Google Penguin In Urdu And Hindi 

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