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Wednesday, 3 October 2012 Review And Learn Ways To Make Money Online With It information review is so simple and great for you because friends this is an online earning site by which you can earn online money unlimited.Friends site is very good ads have no virus and the other good thing about them is that they always pay you on time.The site is simple to use and simple to make money online in simple easy steps which will boost your earnings from internet.For your kind information friends i am going to tell you that this site have large numbers of advertisers and publishers because this company get huge trust in online money making world.

How This Site Work To Make Money Online:

You just go to this link adfly and after that register on the page so after that just click on join now then fill the form that will appear on the screen.So if you want to make money then choose account type link shrinker so if you want advertising choose advertiser account in account type.But if you want to make cash so just fill the form and all things correctly after you got register so now you need to verify link from your account so after that you need to login in the site.
So now you need code for earning so that is there in the site which is in announcements at the top of site.The code you will find after the message do you run a website?so please this then click on see this you will get code for earnings so just copy 1st code which is up side so just copy that and go to your site html codes.In blogger which is in add a gadget after that you need to click on html and paste that code.When ever someone comes to your site you will get paid for that.How much visitors comes on your site you will get money for that.

Adfly Is Trusted Or Paying?

Friends i have use thousands of online programs on internet so now i am going to tell you that i use this site about 2 years ago and i have get paid from them about 70 times.They never ever refuse me and never ever cheat me so just they always pay me on time.So now you will not ask from anyone that is scam Payment Proofs:

Adfly Payment Proof
This is payment proof for adfly in 2012 so now you get this site is paying. Payment Methods: payment processor are paypal and payza/alertpay so you just have account in any of them to earn money online.

How To Make Huge Money With

There are many ways to make money online with so some peoples think auto clickers work i don,t know about them i just have genuine traffic.My one of the friend was asking from me that you have any bot 2102 so i say him no because i don,t know any thing about that but you can make money from many sites which tricks i know. Have Referral Program:

They will pay you 20 percent of your referral earnings so how much referrals you make you will get money on that ratio.How to use referral program?So you just need to login to your account after that in announcements there is a message earn 20 percent of your friends earning for life check them out click on that so after that click on referral code now copy and give it to anyone he will be your referral.

Make Money With Facebook:

I myself make about 300 dollars from fb by using adfly by just sharing links on my facebook fan page.But now a days facbook block so you cannot make money by sharing link on fb.

You Can Make MOney With All Social Networks:

Friends as we know that social networking sites like facebook and twitter can give you mjaximum traffic if you share links on them so you can make too much money from them.I use too much social networking sites that gives me good traffic and my earning goes very high so i suggest you use them and get much traffic.

Make Money With Youtube:

As we know that youtube is one of the best website in the world which alexa rank is 3 that means that is the no 3rd site in the world so now you get it have millions of daily traffic on that site.So it is easy to get traffic on any of its video so find some great things and put them in description like games,softwares and many things like that.Every time which thing you put just shrink that your in your login account when will someone click on that you will get paid for that.

Make Money With Forums:

You can make much money with forums just connecting with them daily so always put your site shrink links in your forum signatures.So when ever someone click on your signature link you earn great income because as we know on forums there are thousands of visitors are available at a time so you will get much clicks.

Earning Rates For Different Countries By

Every country pay you different rates but countries like use,Canada,Uk and many others will pay you highest rates for every click.Why these countries pay much to you because they have high currencies like dollars so they have advertisers who have good rates for there advertising.

So friends ask anything about in comments i will reply you soon if you have any problem just ask me and plus 1 this post on google plus if you like it.



  1. hey iwant to know 1 dollar of fly is equal to how many pakistani rs plz reply?


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