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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Dead To Rights Game Pc Free Full Version Download With Working Link

Dead To Right Game
Dead To Rights
Download dead to rights pc game today i am going give you the link of great game which i uploaded today on my site.The good thing about this game is that it is full of actions and great fighting style with pistols,guns and many dangerous bombs.In the game the hero of the game is police officer so he started his jouney in the city to kill gangsters and robbers of the city.He was very honest ploice officer but some of the under world peoples trap him and he go to jail because of some murder so in the jail he fights with many peoples who were his enemies while he send them in jail.That,s why they want to take revenge from him and want to kill him.But if you play very good they cannot kill you and your journey will be carry on so after killing many enemies in the jail you need to escape from the jail to prove yourself that you are not a killer.So many of the police officers will come in your way and many of the enmies also want that you cannot escape from the jail and live always here.But when you gt chase from jail you need to go outside and find the man who trap you in this case.At the end you will get the main villion so then you will get your police job back.

Slow Motion Fighting Style In Game:

There is great slow motion fighting style in the game with hundereds of moves in different styles.You can also use slow motion while these attacks.

You Can Use Dog While Fighting In Game: 

In the game there is a great style of using dog the dog will and bite your enemy which is very pretty style not in any other game so the game is unique from all other games.

System Requirements:

Vga Card 64 mb
Ram 512 mb
Processor 3 ghz

How To Download And Install:

After you click on the download the game link below in red colur you will be go to other site so on that site you need to click on regular download.So after that wait 60 seconds so now just give captcha code on that site then click on download the game will automatically downloaded in your idm.After that just extract the game with winrar.



  1. thanks man dead to rights 1 is working

  2. in the middle of the game it says disc is damage or dirty! any suggention on that bro

    1. i have also played that but works fine for me i don't know why you got error may be its all because of your windows


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