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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Download Free God Of War 1

Download free god of war 1 yesterday one of my young brother says that from where I can download this game so I though it to upload.The god of war 1 is the best pc adventure game this game hero name is kratos.The kratos when the game starts he jump from the sky and than he fell in the water and than in the ship.Than the game starts the kratos kill the enemies first and than he goes away.Actually this game is the product of play station 2 and you cannot run this game on pc with any setup.You can run this game with pcsx2 the pcsx2 is used to run this game.After you download this game you have to install the pcsx2 and than you have to install the deamon tools to mount image.

After that when it is downloaded and extracted than you have to mount image it and than you will be able to play.


After download extract it you need winrar and utorrent to download and extract them.After that you have to install pcsx2 and than install pcsx2 must update it otherwise the game will not run.After that paste the plugins of god of war game in the pcsx2 folder directory of plugins.After that copy the bios sub directories and paste them in pcsx2 folder than just click on pcsx2 than click on run cd/dvd.Play the game.

System Requirements:

Processor intel core2duo
Ram 2gb
Hard disk space 1gb
 Vga card 512mb



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