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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Download Free Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time

Download free prince of persia the sands of time today one of my girl friend say me that from where I can download this game so I thought to upload it.Prince of persia the sands of time is the best game and this game is the first release of the ubi soft montreal studios.After that the second release of ubi soft was prince of persia warrior within and the third release was persia the two thrones.So this is the first release of that company.This is the game of the high graphics than the other parts of this game.In this game when the game starts the prince throne was being attacked the prince have to save this throne with his brave father shauraman.The prince father say him that go than my son his father death occurs in the prince of persia the two thrones he see his father death his father was killed by the vizier.

There are many difficult places in this game one is the mirror side and the second is activating the livers.So this game I download it in the vacations my vacations were going boring but when I played this game my vacations were going well.Ok now lets come to downloading process you must read it it is difficult to install this game.


First you need utorrent to download this game.After that you need winrar to extract the game than after extraction you must need deamon tools to mount image them.After download extract it and than mount image Cd 1 and than install it.After that in the middle of the setup mount image cd2 than install it.Than it will install after installation you copy the crack and than you have to paste it in the installing folder.Than you can play this game hope you click on pop.exe and than enjoy the game.

System Requirements:

Processor 3.0ghz
Ram 512mb
Vga card 128mb
Hard disk space 2gb



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