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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Download Prince Of Persia Two Thrones Pc Free Game Updated Link October 2012

Prince Of Persia TWo Thrones
Prince Of Persia Two Thrones
Download prince of persia the two thrones full version 100% working just 279 mb.This game is the product of ubi soft Mont real studios.In this game when the prince returns from Babylon he saw his home and throne burning.The prince and kailena ship was destroyed the prince than comes to the bank of the river the enemies take kailena to the vizier.After that the game starts the prince runs and than find kailena the death of kailena occurs in this game.The prince first dealt with the vizier the vizier kills the kailena with the dagger of time.The prince snatches the dagger of time after snatching the dagger of time the prince has the rewind power.


When in trouble hold down 'r' to launch the rewind power.With this power you can travel back through time and you can also try the chance again.

After taking the dagger of time the prince comes to horse riding stage.This is the new thing in the horse riding stage this comes two times in the whole game.After that you fight with the first boss the first boss is that he was standing when the kailena death occurs.The prince first take his eyes and than he cut his legs.After that the first boss death comes.After that the prince becomes sand monster and than he flies from the arena in the tunnel.After that the prince takes the power of 'slow motion'

Slow Motion:

This is the power that when there is low time to pass at any gate than we press 'r' don't press 'r' repeatidly just press one time the time will become slow and than you can easily pass through the gate.

After that the prince meets fayra she was captured in the cage.The prince says that you are the son of sharo man the prince of persia and the faira says that you are the daughter of mahraja we both seek the same perhaps we should journey together perhaps.After that the prince and faira starts journey together.The prince refuse to save his throne but the faira says that you go I will save my throne.The prince and faira refuse to journey together than after some time the second boss come the prince when kills the second boss than he becomes the sand monster the faira sees him.

After that the prince comes to the plaza there he was trapped than the horse riding stage comes.After horse riding stage the prince meat with the third boss 'twins' the prince when kills the twins than one twin was still alive he comes to kill prince the prince dagger was thrown the faira saves here the prince says thank you to faira.After that the fourth boss comes.


He was the fourth and final boss of the game it was difficult to fight with him and kill him after taking the half power of the vizier he flies away and than the prince have to go up to kill him.After that the ending comes.Other keen things of this game are

Life Updrages:

There are six life upgrades in this game first comes before after coming to the sewers stage.The second life upgrade comes before killing the first boss.There are six life upgrades in this game.Where as in prince of persia warrior within there are nine life upgrades.There are also seven swords in prince of persia warrior within.But in prince of persia the two thrones there is no sword only one dagger.
Today one of my dude ask where I can download prince of persia the two thrones full version in pc.So I tell him today I will upload that game you can download it from this site so he was very happy when he downloaded and than he says thanks to me.


There is rewind power wind of fate sand tank power.

Sand Tank:

A new sand tank lets you stock more sands of time there are maximum six sand tanks in every part of prince of persia products.

Wind of Fate:

When you have three sand tanks than you press 'r' and than don't leave the 'r' if you will leave the prince will not beat wind of fate power.After that the wind of fate power kills many enemies.There are also many powers you will find them I just tell two in this post.


After download just install it you don't need winrar to extract just you need utorrent to download it.



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