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Friday, 12 October 2012

How To Use Youtube Now A Days In Pakistan?

How To Unlock Youtube In Pk
Unlock Youtube
This is very strange question that how to on youtube now a days in pk so friends today i am going to tell you in easy steps.Friends i don,t want to use youtube because bastards who make movie against our holy prophet and put that on youtube but some people like me need too much youtube for there work.So this is the reason youtube is blocked in Pakistan now you can open it by using proxy.So now i am going to tell how to unblock youtube in Pakistan now a days.Friends there are thousands of softwares by which you can unlock youtube but many of them not working because pta is strict too much.The software which i am going to give you will play youtube videos in pk now also and its easy to use in just 1 click.

For your kind information i am going to tell you that with this software your net speed will slow so i suggest you use it only when you use youtube.So just click the link below in red color so after that extract the software with winrar so then just click on the software now you can run youtube on your pc in pk.So how to get acess on youtube in Pakistan

Whenever you want high speed just close that proxy software and enjoy your high speed net but then you cannot play youtube.So when ever you need use youtube just click on the software it will automatically let you play youtube then no try again message will appear on your page.
So here is the link of proxy software for playing youtube and you can say it ip changer for playing

How To Use:

Just click on under link to download after that just install it so now install it.After that look on your monitor screen where there time on your monitor you will find hotspot shield there just click on connect.Now you can run this easily after connecting the software but your net speed will slow as compare to usual.If you want high speed just off the software so easy.


  1. thanks with this trick i can open youtube in pakistan now

  2. thanks great trick i can open youtube now in pakistan its absolutely great post

  3. Jazakallah, Zeeshan bhai well done.. thanks no I am opner of youtube..

  4. thanks dude by this software i can open youtube now in pakistan now its really fantastic and great software which you give

  5. 04-12-2012 Tuesday
    Pakistan Main Youtube Mazeed 2 Months Blocked Rahe Gi.
    So Youtube Open Karne K Liye Contact Karin.

    Mr Rizwan - 03152405552

  6. But I don't have a pc I have an iPod 4g (touch)?

  7. Dear Zeshan bhai i have Androad fone and ur exe can not support it. Kindly tell me how can i use ur exe in my cell fone. Kindly reply me at
    Ehsan khan

  8. I think Hotspot Shield ( ) is the best option to unblock youtube in Pakistan.

  9. You can easily use youtube by: , simply log on , enter website and Voila!! :) a service of

  10. zeeshan bhai error show karha hai

    An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #50.1b28b205.1366621188.1e4b8580

    yeh wala msg a raha hai

    1. nokai mob pe kese youtube video play hoti ha? Pls koi bata de.

  11. koi bata sakta ha k Pakistan main Nokai 6120c pe youtube video kesi play hoti ha.

  12. But i am using a simple way i just click and run YouTube fast. access youtube at work

  13. Play without proxy and ip use visit this and enjoy youtube

  14. Watch youtube in pakistan without use any proxy changer

  15. thank you so much that was very easy trick now i can run youtube thanks man so much thanks

  16. Opening youtube was a difficult task for some individuals to know that How to Open Youtube and Unblock Websites Access in Pakistan while looking inside of it people thought to bring new ways to access youtube.


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