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Saturday, 6 October 2012

List Of Comment luv Blogs Free With High Pagerank

Comment luv
Comment Luv
Comment luv blogs effects and advantages on your site today i will you about them.As we know that backlinks are most essential things for blog owners and website masters.So friends if you know about backlinks then leave so if you don,t know what are they and how to make them so you need to click on red link.I tell briefly in easy language that how to make them in easy steps you will get all easily on that post.I have read from one site that comment luv dofollow blogs?One boy was asking so the site owner reply him that these are not dofollow so i don,t know about that what are they.So friends why peoples prefer comment luv because they will target your keywords go to your site and will find automatically your tittles.This is actually a plugin which works very well to making links of your site and it will increase the traffic of your site it is related to list of dofollow comment blogs so as you use them it is like that.

Rules Of Using Comment Luv Now  A Days:

* Always make link slowly not fast as you were making in Old days because now a days google penguin release by google will kill your site must read that what its policies.

The list i am going to give you is list of 2012 comment luv blogs with high pr.

List Of Updated Blogs:

Pagerabk 5 and 6

PR 4

PR 3

PR 2 


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