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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Download Advance System Care With Antivirus 2013 full version with key

Hello Friends today I can introduce a softwar that can make your pc faster and full anti hacking security
The softaware is blew

Advance System care With Anti virus 2013 Review ..

 In This software there are some important feature are below.

1) Clean

Registry cleaner .
clean up your registry database and free your system unneeded program.
Privacy Sweeper.
Erase your activites and history traces.
Help you to uninstall to unwanted program.
Disk Cleaner.
Analysis you unessery fules in your hard drive and make a free space for more data storage .
File Sledder
Make sure no data are thief can get his hands on your sensitive data.

2) Optimizeing

Smart Ram.
Monitor and optimize  memory usege to increase availibale physical memory.
Internet Booster.
Optimize your TCP and IP  Protocol Mozila Firefox and Google Chroom Setting and Internet Explorer
Startup Manger
Optimize to start-up to Accelerate your PC start-up and improve your system prominence
Registry De-fragment 
Detect your heavily fragment the regestry is ant weather it optimize it necessary
Smart De frag
De-fragmented your Hard drives more powerfully and more efficiently


Restore deleted file after you have accidentally deleted form Recycle Bin 
Shortcut Fixing
Search your system for inviled shortcuts and rafrance and fix it
Disk Doctor
Preform and analysis you drives or disk for thier file system
Window Fix
Help you analayse your windows operating system and fix found error or problem
Internet Explorer Helper
Mange internet explorer and adds-on and system context menu restore hijacked setting

4) Security

System Explorer
 Examine the key parts of your system that may effected your computer proformance and cause trouble user use to report to consulet  with knowledge folks.
Security Hols Scanner 
Scan and fix security hols automatically  
Process Manger
Mange Running process and display of your system performance 
Driver Manger
It will help you to search and upto date driver and install and make backup of your drivers

5) Control

Cloned File Scanner 
Search for doned  files for your System which make waste your system space
Auto Shutdown
Shutdown your system automatically at your schedule setting 
Disk Explorer
Analyze your drives to show  you an overwive of the big fils and folder which occopy your disk space
System Information
It will help you to show your system informtion
Empty Folder Scanner
It will help you to scane and delte empty folder and make an additional space

Anti virus 

This is best antivirus that can be scane silentely working in your systme are running 
and protect unwanted malware ad ware and USB auto-run virus security and Trojans and protect firewall.



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