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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Who Sill Be UnderTaker,s Next Wrestlemania 29 Opponent?

Undertaker Wrestlemania 29
Under Taker
As everyone know,s that who is undertaker and as well as a kids also knows that.So friends if you don,t know who is that then you never see a real man in the world.I can say that the word man is for just him and he is real macho in the world.Many of peoples try to break his undefeated streak but all of them fails because they were not fighting with a simple man.There match was with phenom a real deal who is unbeatable may be his streak remains forever.So many of people,s want know that who is undertaker,s next competitor in wrestlemania 29 but as we know wwe not tell this who is his next challenger but many people,s have different thoughts.That someone say john cena will face him in this wrestlemania and some say big show.

Who Will Face Undertaker At Wrestlemania 29 My Guess:

As we know friends from 2002 there was a wrestler who was first youngest wwe champion in history of wrestling entertainment.At no mercy 2002 he beat dead man in hell in a cell match and that match was a great match.I think now you get who is that man yes he is not anyone other he is brock lesnar a winner of royal rumble 2003.I think both of the wrestlers are taking rest and brock only come here in wwe to face dead man.Because in ufc 121 taker was finding his next opponent that,s why lesnar come in wwe.
Taker and brock ufc 121
Ufc 121
  So friend there is much chance that He will be his next wm 29 opponent.


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