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Saturday, 27 April 2013

How I Can Scan My Site Or Blog From Malware

Scan virus and malware from sites and bloggers free
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How to protect our site or blogger from malware or virus if you are webmaster then this is the best thing you must know about.Because when site have some threats like this then your site is in trouble and its the time when you will lose your site traffic.As we know,s that google search engine is the king of the world so if your site have some malwares then you got punished by search engine you will lost your serp rankings.

Great Free Tools That Protect Your Site From Malwares And Viruses


This is a great free site sucuri which is absolutely free and one of the fastest way to scan site.When you open that site just put your site in the box near scan your website for free and then click on scan your site.It will show you all things like under this pic about malicious JavaScript,i Frames and Spam like other dangerous things and they will give you maximum security.


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