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Monday, 29 April 2013

Who Will Be Undertaker,s Opponent At Wrestlemania 30

Under taker wrestlemania 30 Opponet
Dead Man
If you ever watch wwe then you must know undertaker because he is the great living legend of wrestling world.So every year people,s want know about who will be his enemy this year this question is rising every year.As we know last time he beat,s cm punk in the streak and now his record is 21-0.He is undefeated from last 21 years beat all wrestlers in his way.But in my eyes hhh gives him tough competition as compare to other guys.

Who Will Next Target Of Taker At Wrestlemania: 

If you think will brock lesnar opponent of undertaker at wrestlemania 30 then your answer is right. Because this year at wrestlemania Brock have fight with Triple h that,s why taker fight,s with punk.But now the match which everyone want to see the real athlete vs the real legend of wwe will take place at this year.I hope not any other match will be greater than this match because the next big thing,ass kicker lesnar is also a very good wrestler who can give him tough match.He already beat dead man in many matches and there was a great match between 2 of them and that was hell in a cell match at no mercy 2002.That match was incredible means i never saw someone beating dead man like that.But that was other time because as we know,s that beating under taker in wrestlemania is like a dream he can dead but cannot get pinned by someone.


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