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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Why Undertaker Is Best Wrestler In The World Know Here

When someone say about wrestling then there is a name that everyone says the undertaker.If you are fan of any wrestling while it is wwe,ufc,tna or any name then you must know this man dead man.Because he is the living legend a real man that,s no one can beat him from any wrestling.There are something,s because of them he is number 1 wrestler in the world.

1:     Charisma Of Undertaker:

Undertaker Hd Wallpapers
The best thing in the dead man is his charisma when someone beat him again and again and every time he kick out.The referee,s tired for 3 counts but there is no man who can pin phenom.If you want to see how much he can survives from moves then you must need to see undertaker vs triple h(hhh).Because in that match he survives from 3 pedigrees,2 spine busters,1 tombstone pile driver and many chair shots in wrestlemania 27.If you think any wrestler can survive from all these moves then you are absolutely wrong because i am watching wwe from long time but i never saw any wrestler who survive from 2 pedigrees.

2:    Under taker Dangerous Signatures And Finishers:

The other great thing about dead man is that he have great combination of moves that make him much better.

* Chokeslam:

Undertaker dangerous chokeslam
Undertaker Chokeslam
  This move is great move he can use this move on any opponent while he can lift this move to heavy wrestlers also.The good thing about this move is the opponent will go about 10 foots high in the air when opponent strike,s the ground then he feel much pain from that strike.

* Last Ride:

This is also a good move he mostly use this when someone hitting him while standing on the turnbuckles then he use this so many of wrestlers cannot survive from this move also.

* Tombstone Pile Driver:

Undertaker Tombstone Pile Driver
Undertaker Tombstone
This Is the Final destination of every opponent it is a very dangerous move because it impacts on head directly and after this he can pin any wrestler because many of them even cannot stand up after 1 min after getting this move.

*  Hell,s Gate:

Undertaker dangerous move hell,s gate
Undertaker,s Hell Gate
When any time he is in danger or opponent beat him too much then he use last weapon hell,s gate this is a submission move and one of the dangerous move which effect on neck even opponent stops breathing and he tapped.

 * Undertaker Entrance:

Undertaker dangerous entrance after head shaved
Undertaker Entrance
The real fear is his entrance also because when he enters in the arena then there are some dark lights which shows his black powers.


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