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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Clicksor Earning Sucks Must See Earning Reports Here Before Use

Hi friends today i am going to show you clicksor earning reports how much they are paying and deceiving peoples.Peoples are making website to earn money but there are some ad systems on internet which give us good rates.So today i am going to tell you about one other ad network which pays you for your website traffic.

* What Is The Minimum Payout For Clicksor:

They will pay 50 dollars when you earn that amount they will send you payment.

* How Much Traffic For Blogs They Will Accept:

The good thing about them is that they will accept your blog if your site have 0 impression so they will accept you with zero traffic.

* When Will They Pay Publishers:

They will sent you money when you reach 50 dollar at the end of month they will sent you.

* What Are The Payment Processors:

Payment Methods for clicksors are paypal,check and wire.

* What type Of Adds they Offer:

They offer cpm,cpc,ppc,cpv and cpi ads.

* What Type Of Banners They offer For Publishers:

They Offer text ads,graphical banners,cpm banners and popup banners.

* Is ClickSor Paying Or Scam:

I have got paid from them on time they are not scam always give you money on time.

* Clicksor Payment Proofs:

Clicksor Payment Proof
Payment Proof Of Clicksor


* Earning Reports For Clicksor With Image:

Clicksor Earning Reports
Earning Reports For Clicksor

* What My Review About Them:

My clicksor review is that as you see in the up image report of earnings they will pay you good when you start but when you become old they will not pay as well see the difference between 1st and last date. 

Ask any thing about them in comments i will tell you immediately and plus 1 if you like post thanks in advance.


  1. Hi Zeeshan
    Though your review is short about Clicksor but very informative . Clicksor is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives .
    There is a very bad thing about it that Pop up ads , visitor hates that kind of advertisements and quickly press close button and that's why your bounce rate get increased .


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