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Monday, 1 July 2013

How to Download Torrent Files in To IDM (Internet Download Manager)

Hi Friends To day i want to told you that every body want to downloading torrent files in to utorrent or bitorrent but it is hard to becaues the downloading speed of utorrent or bittorrent are very slow , But we are all want to heigh speed downloading files systme so I have an experience to downloading file of torrent in to Internet download Manager or other type of ladownloader .So fallow my instraction and get files in to high speed downloading system
Firest of all you download the files from or any other Torrent Site.
Open a web site that is link here to click
1) upload Torrent file which you want to download in to IDM or other Manager.
2) Aftre uploading file Click on Go form vebsite

3) new you can see member ship here you can just Click on Free Option
4) your file has been add and chacking Caching they take severl mint .
7) After chaking Caching track they gave option to Downloading .

3) and Then click on Downloading
and then window appare for member ship

 Now your donwloader can take the link and start to downloading your file  as you want so Enjoy 


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