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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Reasons I Am Not Using Yllix Media Also See Earning Reports

First of all i am going to tell you that yllix media is cpm and cpc ad network.They offer both advertising and affiliate account.I am wondered that their alexa rank is 4 k just means they have lot of advertisers and publishers.I think that because the reason is they have much publishers because they accept all kind of blogs adult small and anyone.

How Much Traffic Yllix Accept:

If you have 10 page views per day they accept you it doesn't matter how much traffic you have.

What Is Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout is just 1 dollar i think anyone can make this in some days.

When We Will I Get Paid:

You will get paid every week if your account have at least 1 dollars they will send you payment.

What Are The Payment Processors:

The pay you via paypal,alertpay/payza,liberty reserve and wire.

Is Yllix Media Scam? 

No they are not fake or scam they are paying that,s why peoples are using it too much.

Yllix Media Reports Of Earnings With Pictures: 

I think their earning are not good because when i put them at that day i got about 800 impressions but they count just 454 impression.The other bad thing is their rate for publishers is also very low because i got 23 clicks and 454 impressions and i got just 2 cents.Instead mostly of my traffic was from us and Pakistan but i got 2 cents is a report in the image take a look.

Yllix Media Earning Reports

 Yllix Media Paymet Proof:
Paymet Proof Of Yllix Media

 What My Review About Them:

My yllix media review is that they are not good because i think with 800 impressions you can make at least 2 dollar from google adsense with us traffic so i recommend you don't use them.May be they are good fro big traffic sites but i have no experience about that.

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  1. thanks this is one of the best review about yllix media

  2. thanks bro, thanks alot for sharing this awsome review on yllix media
    now i'll wait for adsense!

    Faltu The Community


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