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Monday, 15 July 2013

Ways To Decrease Bounce Rate Easily

If You want to increase your website traffic then must read full article and ask any thing in comments.
First of all i am going to tell you what is bounce rate for sites and blogs.Because lower your site have bounce rate the higher you get search engine position.So as you also know the higher your serp position you will get much traffic.So first of all now i am going to tell you what is that.

What is Bounce rate:

Bounce rate is a percentage single page visits to total visits.In simple you can say that the visitors who arrive on your site and leave your site without visiting other page.

Why Google Make This: 

They make this because they want to know that is people,s coming on the right page which they want?It mean if you are searching for some movie then if you arrived on some wrong page and you will immediately leave that site.You will not serve any other page so with this algorithm search engine sent high traffic to your site.

Is High Bounce Rate Have Bad Impact On My Site:

So the answer is yes because when your site will get high rate then you will get low traffic.

How To Check Bounce Rate In Google Analytic:

Just login to your account when you click on your site at the bottom you will find that just see in the pic.
How To Decrease bounce Rate

How To Decrease It:

* If Your Site Content Valuable:

If you write what your visitor want or need you post that then it means that your content is king.The visitor will go for other posts if he like your one post so always write valuable articles.

* Clean Design Of Site:

If your site design is attractive then also it make impact on reader.For example if you visit one shop which is dirty but that shop have some thing good but next day you visit other shop which is clean you will not leave that shop immediately and look its other things must.So pretty blog also make impact on reader,s and they will server your other posts also.

* Good Layout Also Very Impressive:

Bounce rate reducing Tricks
Means if your blog have good layout users will access that easily and will serve your blog much.

Place Popular Posts With Thumbnails:

When you will place popular posts on left side or right your user will think why they are popular so they will click on them.Without pictures they will not attractive but when they have pics they will attract visitors to click on them.
How To Decrease Bounce Rate Of Site

Add Related Posts With Pictures Also:

When your user finish reading your article just put a coding or widget which shows related posts on your site.
If you don,t know coding just to add them so will also low your rate and people will suffer your different sites
Easiest Way To Decrease Bounce Rate Of Your Site

Put New Articles Tab Also:

If user like old post then he must look on your all website so show him recent posts also then will suffer your pages too much.


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