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Monday, 19 August 2013

How Google Analytics Help Us To Rank Better In Serp

This article is specially for newbies.
Hi friends today i am going to told you little basics that may help beginners bloggers who don,t know about search engine rankings and analytics.If you have wordpress site or blogger/blogspot it does not matter which platform you choose.As we know that 99 percent peoples make websites to earn money online from their forum,blogs and sites so this trick will help newbies for getting money.Because we know that traffic is equal to money and money is equal to time and the time is equal to learning something.

First of all i am going to tell you how to setup google analytics in your blog or website.

* Register Account First:

You need goto this url then you need to login there with your blogger account .So after that you will arrive on that page where you need to choose website option first then fill all information of your website there as shown in the pics below see all of the pics.

How To Set Google AnalyFor Blogger and websites
How To use google analytics learn easy steps
After that click on i accept so after that copy tracking id from the top page see the image below .
SO now you need to paste this code in your blogger first of all login to your blogger dashboard after that scroll down the page of your blog and click on settings then on others and paste your tracking code there as shown in the pic below.
So it take 72 hours to show reports of your site in analytics.

How To Use Google Analytics After Setting:

It seems very easy as little child can do that but i am going to share main points which will help you to under stand every thing about your blog or site.I suggest you if you are a newbie then just focus on 2 things one bounce rate and second average time visitor..

How To Check Bounce Rate: 

 Its very easy just after when you click on analytics after logging scroll down your page so you can see it see the image below.

Why you need it and what are its advantages see every thing about bounce rate here click that.

How To Check Average visitor Duration:

Why you need to check and what is its advantage because friend now a days google only sending much traffic to sites which have quality content.So question is how google know which site have quality and which have not its simple it check by its algorithm that how much time visitor is spending on your site post.So on which site visiors spen much site they will get much traffic from google.

So it is important to know how much time visitors are spending on your site just below bounce rate average visitor is there see the pic.


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