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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Get Facebook Unlimited Likes Free 100 Percent Working

How to get facebook likes
As we know that is one of the best in the world and its alexa rank is number 1 means this site have biggest visitors in the world.So everyone want to know that how can i get facebook likes for my fan page because much likes you have it make an impact on peoples who are watching this.I am writing this article because today one of my friend ask me a question that how to get fake likes on facebook.So i answered him why you need fake i will give you real peoples who will do job for you automatically.So then you will get how to get rid of likes on facebook free after reading this full article.

How To Register On That Site:

First of all you need to click on this link so after that you will go to other site where you need to click on try it for free.So after that you will get an other page where you will need to fill all details for signup and click on signup.So after that you will get an email in your mail which you give for signup click that for  conformation so now you can login in your account on

How To Use

Just after login into your account you need to click on add site/page see the pic

So after that you will get other page where you need to do something see the image belwo it will tell you all steps.
Now your site have been added so 1st time you have 50 points from which you can get 10 likes.But if you want unlimited likes you need to earn points.

How To Earn Points:

Its also not difficult just you need to click on facebook likes under free points at 4th number see picture wlow how you need to do.
After clicking that you will get a new popup screen where you need to click on other people like pages.So how much you like other people sites you will earn that amount of points the more you earn points and the more you get likes.


When you are liking other peoples pages remind one thing in your mind that don,t close popup at least 10 seconds and close it before it automatically closed.because if you do those 2 conditions you will not get points so after every like see your points here if they are improving here see the pic then you are doing right.
 Just check your page you will getting clicks too much fast how your liking other pages you will getting likes on your page.

How To get Daily Bonus:

If you like at least 20 other people pages per day you can get bonus 150 points free daily so you need to click on bonus just.

I hope this article must helps you if you think it is best please share it with your friends and plus 1 it for giving us credit thanks.


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