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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Wheelman Vin Diesel

Wheel man pc game free full version

Download wheelman pc free game full version

wheelman pc game free full version is on the top of industry when it was released it make much business.There were thousands of peoples who buy this game because it have lot of fun and lot of actions.There are hundred of actions in the game so if you are ready to play it i challenge you must enjoy it because i also play that and believe i never ever get action game like this.Actually this game is made by midway studios and they are famous well know company which made thousands of different games.But the game was published by ubisoft the most famous company which always publishing amazing content like this before. Vin Diesel energy fuel celebrities as an undercover broker and experienced car owner who must incorporate the Spain's investment underworld to gather intelligence around a key heist. Showing as a driver-for-hire, he finishes up captured in a crossfire of criminal activity and problem while trying to stay one step before cops and competitive gangs.
Combining awesome Hollywood style techniques with a learning Wheel man provides an adrenaline-fueled, film enjoyment drive confident to keep you tired.This great impact gaming is for those who are lovers so i always recommend you to play this because its lovely.It was released on march 2009 in xbox and ps3 but now it is also available in pc so now you can download wheelman pc free full version game on this site today.

Game Trailer

System Requirements:

Graphics card               256 mb latest models or higher
Operating System         xp and vista   
Ram                             2 gb
Processor                     core 2 duo 2.4 or higher
Hard disk space free    12 gb

How To Download:

Just click all parts one by one and download all of them.So i am going to tell you when you click on any link you will go to other site so wait 10 seconds at the end link will appear click on that see the pic.
  So after that you will go to other where you need to click on bingo at the end of page then your downloading will start see the image.


  1. thanks at last i get this game working from your site great site i am going to bookmark it

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    1. Thanks man I have download wheelman pc game from your site and it is 100% working.


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